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The majority of the reporting on Voter Security leaves the public with the feelings of mistrust, confusion and fear. The truth is that all well-meaning Americans agree -- the vote must represent those citizens who are registered, alive and legal. As consumers of media all of us are entrusted to reason not merely react.

When communication is manipulated to discourage us, we can remind ourselves of the fact that many people exaggerate negatives to gain power, position and your attention to their causes or projects.

As listeners we can pause, turn attention inward and respect what is going on inside us. Then we can remind ourselves that when we are confused or anxious as we listen to a possible problem, we can always find practical solutions and remedies – we can find out what the real problem is, put on our thinking caps and pay attention to how to fix real problems as an individual, for ourselves and others.

When manipulators drag us into abstract drama, when media occupies our attention with hyped up feelings of anger, irrelevance and helplessness, that's a downer.The truth is that we do not have to comply by their attempt to distract our own good intentions.

In the case of the Voter Security, the table below is not abstract.It is a straightforward summary of research into the problems of the voting process. See what technologies support the process and consider a conversation that moves forward to actions that can easily simplify elections and shift power back into the hands of We the People where it belongs.We are the ones who control our votes in our states, votes to be represented by the electoral college for our national elections.


Voter roll manipulation / Ransom Ware Prevent voting Cast doubt in voter process Change outcomes Paper back up Cyber security cleanliness standards Interstate / county crosscheck program Voter ID at the polls BlockChain security for voter rolls
Election machine hacking Change outcomes Thwart voters rights Risk limiting audits Paper ballots
Hacking of Sec of State Systems Change outcomes Create chaos and doubt in voting process/results Cyber cleanliness Interoperability of disparate systems, cyber audits
Ballot hacking Change outcomes Risk Limiting Audits Paper ballots
Electronic voting Massive manipulation of outcomes Never deploy. If it runs software, it can be hacked. Paper ballots with risk limiting audits
e-Poll Books Manipulation of outcomes Ransomware Chaos to cast doubt on voting process / results Avoid Paper poll books Voter ID at the polls Interstate / county cross check program


Drop box Ballot box stuffing Voter ID at the polls Poll watchers
Voting machine storage and updates Change outcomes Chain of custody Validated software upgrades
Vote counting / Canvassing Change outcomes Poll watchers
Ineligible voters Change outcomes Voter ID at the polls Poll watchers
Unsolicited ballots to vote by mail Ballot harvesting Mass vote manipulationDo not deploy: Voter ID at the polls Absentee with clear safeguards Paper ballot given at the polls
Fake ballots Stuffing the ballot box to change outcomes Voter ID at the polls Poll watchers Trained Poll judges Paper ballot given at the polls
Ballot storage Create doubt in voting process Chain of custody protocols Secure physical storage w/ sign-off

Confusion and obfuscation of real facts are tools of manipulative, criminal behaviors and communication puppets – tools designed to distract us from our real power as a free people with citizen responsibilities for liberty. Let us stand together as a people who mean to rule themselves, trusting one another, and vote thoughtfully to bring the outcomes of the goodness we have historically earned and enjoyed. This chart overview suggest many of the methods to be investigated to give the states the tools to manage the vote, we need a clear commitment of all the states to work together so that even with the addition of electronic options there are certifications and protocols that ensure the privacy of the vote, while verifying our identity and our right to vote.

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