Electronic Voting

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Voter Safety Preserves Liberties

Our United States of America was founded with an amazingly original premise, that the power of government belonged to the citizens of the United States. This is documented in the US Constitution, as amended and includes the Bill of Rights.For the last 244 years these promises have been kept through numerous crisis, wars, including the civil war, and the efforts of many, many patriots, serving our country with their lives and hearts and minds in so many ways.

All of the ability to defend the power of government belonging to the people stands in our right and ability to cast a vote fairly, have that vote counted honestly, and have the results of that vote tabulated and presented accurately and in a timely manner. The three branches of the government: executive, judicial and legislative, rest on the ability of the citizens to vote safely and with assurance that their vote will be counted and reported. Without this assurance, the entire legitimacy of the government is called into question.

As we have seen in countless other countries, the legitimacy of the vote is tied to the legitimacy of the government. We now face a true attack on our sovereign rights and liberties through the efforts of multiple malign forces and organizations dedicated to bending the US vote to their particular agenda. We see foreign powers influencing our vote through propaganda and lies; hacking our voting system and bribing our officials.We see special interest groups and large technology companies influencing voters through manipulative technological approaches.It is more difficult than ever to distinguish between legitimate information and polemic designed to create distorted outcomes.

Now, more than ever, we need straight forward time tested ways of casting our votes, having them counted and reported fairly and accurately.There are gold standards that have stood the test of time, as well as a few better applications of older technologies that support a fair honest and accurate voter that assures voter of the safety of our democracy.These include paper ballots, Risk-limiting audits and secure data storage and transmission.

The most important function of the vote is not to determine the winner; it is so the losers accept the result and that power is transferred peacefully, preserving our Republic. Understanding how to achieve that without compromise is the most important factor in our government today.Every technology promising convenience but without real security (which no electronic voting system currently offers) is another impediment to the assurance of voter safety and integrity. Please review the information here, about your state, and see what choices you can make to live in liberty.
Ballot Integrity Project
Benchmarks and Gold Standards for Fair Elections

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