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SC Voting systems rely on outdated software and are at risk of being hacked

South Carolinas new statewide voting equipment is ES&S EVS (DS200, DS450 and Express Vote). EVS runs on end of life software (Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2) which is at risk of being hacked as its software is no longer supported by Microsoft. No security patches since January 14, 2020. SC is currently certifying the EVS voting system, which uses Windows 10, but Ms Andino, Executive Director of the SC State Election Commission, said the upgrade cannot be done in time for the General Election.


Other states have outlawed the use of barcodes due to their vulnerability to a hack.

SC’s ExpressVote uses barcodes to tally individual ballots after they’re cast. Some election security experts raised concerns that ExpressVote machines are vulnerable to vote tampering, in part because voters have no way of knowing if those barcodes accurately reflect the candidates for whom they voted. It is possible for a hacker to change the barcode so it has a different list of candidate names, and while people can’t read that barcode, it’s the only thing the machine reads to tally votes.


A weak login system leaves SC voter’s addresses and names at risk of being altered.

The SC voter information portal is an online application to check and modify the information of a registered voter in the State. To access the voter status, you only need the registration County, first and last name, and the date of birth for the identification step. To modify voter’s personal information, you need the first and last name, date of birth, driver license and SSN number for the identification step. This information can be obtained from the State, open sources, data brokers, darknet or data breaches. Departments of Motor Vehicles (DMV) are selling driver's license data to private investigators and other third parties. Social Security Numbers (SSN) lists are also sold on the dark web illegally.


A former deputy director of the registration office claims others accepted bribes

Princess Lang, a former employee of voter registration in Clarendon County, claims she was fired for speaking up about criminal activities in her office committed by Director Shirley Oliver-Black. Lang alleges Oliver-Black accepted cash from active candidates, fired employees responsible for testing ballot machines, didn’t require completing ballot accountability sheets, didn’t enter ballot requests given to her, and meeting candidates to collect their absentee ballots. Lang said she sent a letter to State Election Commission Director Marci Andino but never received a response.

South Carolina Constitutional Preamble

We, the people of the State of South Carolina, in Convention assembled, grateful to God for our liberties, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the preservation and perpetuation of the same.

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