Voter Assurance

Your Vote

Your legal vote is the single expression of the Power of the People. No Vote, No Liberty.

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Voter Registration

Voter Security

Voter registration verifies your identity and it assists in cleaning the registration rolls.

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Electronic Voting

New Tech
New Risks

The voting system industry is untried and not yet full-proof and ready for accurate and secure voting.

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Data Base Security


Database security and maintaining up to date registration voting rolls for every state is vital to real election results.

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Gold Standard: Voter ID, Clean Voter Rolls, Paper Ballots and Risk Limiting Audits


All 50 States Voting Weaknesses
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Risk Limiting Audits

After votes have been placed either electronically or paper, they must be tallied and authenticated.

Citizen Requirements

Only citizens of the United States 18 and over have the right to vote. No other non citizens have that right to vote.


Mail-in-ballots that are mailed without registration and voter roll cleansing are a big danger for unleashing ballots.

Voter Registration

To have proper registration of citizens there must be a streamlined process whereby their identification is verified.

Data Base Security

Database securities are more important than ever. Maintaining voter registration rolls and cross checking those rolls.

Electronic Voting

The advent of technology and integrating it with voting systems and the changing conveniences of electronic paperless systems is problematic.

The Future of this Republic is in the Hands of the American Voter

~Dwight D. Eisenhower

Freedom to Vote is Valuable Primarily as a Means to Safeguard Other Freedoms

~James Bovard

Voter Assurance

Voter Assurance
Make Your Vote Count

Elections stand at the fulcrum of a contest for control over our way of life – they are the pivot point where outcomes between winners and losers are determined. A heated debate over the fraud risks posed by mail-in ballots has raged, following on the heels of four years in which a slew of allegations...

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Voter ID Image

Fair Elections
Gold Standards

Why do we vote? We vote to preserve liberty and justice for all citizens and their families according to their decisions as members of our free and open society. Elections express the will of "we the people" in a city, county, state or country, provided they are fair. Fair elections have two missions...

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Secure the Vote

Secure the Vote
Clear Understanding

The majority of the reporting on Voter Security leaves the public with the feelings of mistrust, confusion and fear. The truth is that all well-meaning Americans agree – the vote must represent those citizens who are registered, alive and legal. As consumers of media all of us are entrusted to reason not merely react.

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